Take the leap!!

It is hard to move out of our comfort zone - but that is precisely what small and medium sized businesses HAVE to do. Competition has no boundaries and availability of goods, products and services is very much International in nature. US based SME's must TAKE THE...

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Our legal team ensures that your USA/India presence is established on a firm footing.

Company Formation
  • Form of organization
  • Shareholding / members
  • Operating agreements
  • Tax and reporting implications
Contracts and Agreements

Sales /Purchase


Real Estate

Other contracts and agreements

  • EB5 investment
  • Specialty visas
  • Family visas
  • Employment visas
  • Other
Real Estate
Employment Law
Compliance and Filings

With over 30 years of practical experience starting and operating businesses in USA and India we have plenty of Lessons Learned for you

Readiness and Roadmap
Market Entry Strategies
Strategic Partnering
Establish a footprint
Operational Support
Compliance and Filings

Employment, staffing, contracts, benefits management and other HR activities are critical to the success of any venture.

Employee Management
HR & Benefits
Complinace and filing